Donate - Working together

Breast cancer support and education relies on the motivation, enthusiasm and determination of individuals, companies and their staff to raise vital funds to help us be here for anyone affected by breast cancer.

Here are the many other ways you can work with us.

  1. donations – Our Yayasan could not survive without the generous donations of caring people such as yourself. We give you the opportunity to decide where you would like your money spent be it in our education – seminars and printed materials or for the screening and treatment of patients.
  1. gifts in kind – we always welcome any gifts that we can put up for auction or raffle at our fundraisers or on our monthly website auction. no matter how big or small the gift, it is always greatly appreciated. Call our office to organize drop off.
  1. Recycling – Indonesia does have many people who are poor and cannot afford clothing at the best of times. A household losing an income because of sickness, ongoing treatment also causes great hardship for family’s. Any second hand clothing, books, toys are appreciated. We can pass them on or they can be on-sold to raise money at one of our bazzar fundraisers.
  1. counter top merchandise – we have a wide range of keyrings, waterbottles gift cards that you might be interested in selling on our behalf in the business you work in
  1. Team Events and gatherings – Get a team together and take part in our existing challenge events or make a day of it with work colleagues and book a table at one of our luncheons or charity dinners, raising sponsorship along the way.
  1. Breast Health Promotion and Education

we can work with the company you work in to deliver breast health promotion seminar with the aim of improving the early detection of breast cancer.