What we do

Our Mission

  • Our vision is to prevent Indonesian women from developing and dying from breast cancer and to improve the quality of life of those who have the disease.
  • The money we receive helps us achieve this vision through awareness & Education Programmes and by supporting women with breast cancer.


Our major objectives

  • Create awareness of breast cancer through Mass Media programs, Information Seminars and Outreach Programs throughout Bali.
  • Promote and develop programs at Pink Ribbon House which will inform, support and empower Balinese women and their families.
  • Establish a ‘train the trainer’ program of breast cancer survivors to facilitate the confidence and awareness of those women who are frightened to visit the hospital and undergo treatment.
  • Extend Bali Pink Ribbon’s breast screening service to remoter parts of Bali.
  • Develop working relationships with medical professionals from within Indonesia and overseas.