Vision and Mission

  • To educate local community in Bali from developing and dying of breast cancer.
  • To assist in improving the quality of life for those who suffer from breast cancer
  • The money we receive helps us achieve this vision through awareness & Education Programmes and by supporting women with breast cancer.


  • Create awareness of breast cancer through Mass Media programs, Information Seminars and Outreach Programs throughout Bali.
  • Promote and develop programs at Pink Ribbon House which will inform, support and empower Balinese women and their families.
  • Establish a ‘train the trainer’ program of breast cancer survivors to facilitate the confidence and awareness of those women who are frightened to visit the hospital and undergo treatment.
  • Develop working relationships with medical professionals from within Indonesia and overseas
  • Extend Bali Pink Ribbon’s breast cancer services to remoter parts of Bali and the outer islands.


  • Founded by Gaye Warren, breast cancer survivor from England who wanted to give back to Indonesia, the country in which she lived for many years with her family. Gaye was treated in both Singapore and Indonesia
  • Started from Bali International Women’s Association (BIWA), from which a fundraising campaign was set up for breast cancer awareness
  • The Bali Pink Ribbon Walk was developed in 2009 and became a registered foundation in 2013 with the Ministry of Justice Jakarta named Yayasan Pita Merah Muda