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16th anniversary of Prima Medika Hospital

To celebrate the 16th anniversary of Prima Medika Hospital, in collaboration with Bali Pink Ribbon, the 2018 Health Road Show was held at Pemuteran Gerokgak on June 2, 2018.

The roadshow included cervix cancer and breast cancer awareness seminars, breast screening, and PAP SMEAR.

The breast cancer seminar was presented by dr. IGA Manik Yuniarti SpB (Onk) and attended by 45 women from the surrounding villages.

Around 71 women registered for the manual breast screening, and 8 women with lumps were detected.

Prima Medika Hospital Team was led by dr. Ita and supported by 14 Medical Team members.

Gloria from Bali Pink Ribbon, assisted by BPR volunteers Nancy, Endang, Bella and Dewi provided event support and gave out snack boxes for the participants.


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