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Free seminar and screening for women in rural Narmada and Sekotong areas, Lombok

Denpasar, March 2019…  Yayasan Pita Merah Muda, or known as Bali Pink Ribbon (BPR) had recently completed their first major event of 2019, the early detection seminar and free manual breast screening for people in Narmada and Sekotong, Lombok. From 25 February – 1 March BPR jointly with medical partner Prima Medika Hospital, John Fawcett Foundation, and Komunitas Cinta Kasih (KCK) conducted their road show. The free seminar and screening was held in villages in Narmada and Sekotong of West Lombok cooperation with the regional government of Lombok and health department.

The seminar was attended by 365 participants, with 307 women screened manually followed by 83 women screened using USG. The activity found 8 persons detected with benign tumor. BPR team of 15 board, volunteers and doctors brought two portable USG Machine donated by sponsors to facilitate the event.

Funds from sponsors are used to establish Bali Pink Ribbon, Bali’s only breast cancer support center, starting back in 2013. Bali Pink Ribbon’s breast cancer education campaign throughout the island and some outer islands. In 2018, funds received from donations were used for the following activities:

  • Bali Pink Ribbon jointly with medical partner, Prima Medika Hospital, conducted 15 seminar, screening and USG in various areas of Bali.
  • The screening is often with assistance from volunteer doctors from FeM Surgery Singapore and Siloam Hospital Bali.
  • The activity also screening 800+ women, with USG on 40+ persons with lump indication on 36 women. Positive cancer patients were a mere 0.2%.
  • The team conducted visit and provided support to 70+ patients in various hospitals in Denpasar.
  • Monthly support group gatherings involving 200+ women survivors and ongoing patients were completed.
  • In 2018, BPR purchased a second mobile USG unit with funds donated by Freeport Mining Pink Tea Committee & Spotty Dotties Group Darwin, Australia. The first mobile USG unit for free screening seminars and free screening roadshows round the island was donated by Freeport Mining Pink Tea in 2015.

Along with the now extensive breast cancer awareness campaign, Bali Pink Ribbon is finding that breast cancer patient support has become one of their major activities, which is much appreciated by the Balinese community. Medical students from local and national universities look to the foundation to join their activities.

Bali Pink Ribbon Statistics Reports for 2015-2018

  • Breast cancer awareness seminars conducted 68 times with 3,014 participants
  • Breast cancer manual screening conducted for 2,442 persons
  • Breast cancer USG screening conducted for 284 persons
  • BPR provided financial health assistance to 39 patients
  • Support groups each year, from 2015, served the community respectively 223 persons, 199 persons, 280 persons and in 2018 for 222 persons.

Highlights of Bali Pink Ribbon over 10 years:

  • The first round of free BPR breast screening roadshows started in April 2013 when BPR become a registered foundation with the Ministry of Justice in Jakarta. It was held in Ubud, screening women from Bumi Sehat – Robyn Lim’s Foundation and also screening ladies from a Women’s Group in Denpasar with the help of Prima Medika Hospital and volunteer medical team from FEM Surgery Singapore, led by Dr. Felicia Tan.
  • In 2014, in Denpasar BPR screened women from Dharna Wanita and the Bali Spa & Wellness Association (BSWA) for their anniversary.
  • The annual road show has taken BPR and medical team to Atlas Pearl farm in Pemuteran, North Bali, to the Mason elephant park in Taro, to Karangasem in East Bali, to the outer island of Nusa Lembongan, to Central Bali and also regularly joining Bali International Women Association (BIWA) Health Days around the island, providing breast cancer awareness education, screening and free donated bras for the village women.
  • Awarded the annual Yak Awards for Best Community Service for breast cancer awareness in 2018.

Gaye Warren, founder of Bali Pink Ribbon says, ”We look forward to a future where all Balinese women become more aware of breast cancer through BPR’s extensive awareness campaign throughout the island, learning to take more responsibility for their own breast health and seek help without fear and know that support is now freely available.”

Now considered by the Indonesian ministry of Health as the best breast cancer education available in the whole of Indonesia. Bali Pink Ribbon also assists with emergency treatment for underprivileged patients who have no government health insurance (BPJS).

In August of 2019 BPR plans to extend the free breast screening and breast cancer educational roadshow to the island of Sumba and in 2020 plans are in place for covering islands Flores and Nusa Penida.

As the next target from funds raised, BPR aims to establishment its own women’s only breast cancer clinic in Denpasar, in cooperation with medical partner Prima Medika Hospital.

About Bali Pink Ribbon Foundation:

BPR is a volunteer organization working with Indonesian and Singaporean doctors that provides seminars on breast cancer to women across Bali, in companies and villages, providing valuable knowledge and understanding of breast health. The foundation can also arrange for breast screening as it strongly believes that early detection of any changes in breast health saves lives. BPR also has a support center in Denpasar providing a safe place for women to share their experiences of breast cancer with other survivors and those undergoing treatment. Bimonthly survivor meetings and seminars are held at the center, where information on living with and treating breast cancer is available in Indonesian and English.


Contact us:
Pink Ribbon House – Support center

Jl Nusa Kambangan no 179 Dauh Puri Kauh
Denpasar Barat, Denpasar Bali 80113
Phone : +62 (361) 4746238
Email :
Facebook: Bali Pink Ribbon
Instagram: Bali.Pink.Ribbon

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