We would like to thank everyone for their support on the wonderful fundraising events throughout October, Dazzling Pink October Events, to support our breast  cancer awareness campaign for Balinese women.

We are proud that now, thanks to the generosity of sponsors, we are in a position to extend our screening programme to some of Bali’s outer islands. Last year we provided breast cancer educational seminars and screening to over 100 women on the island of Nusa Lembongan, 350 women and 1 man in Lombok in February this year and, in August,  we screened 560 women on the island of Sumba, where one 48 yr. old  lady was found with advanced breast cancer. Bali Pink Ribbon has paid for her airfare, board and lodging for the duration of her treatment in Bali, the latter being funded through the Government BPJS Heath Insurance scheme.

Next year BPR plans to extend the breast screening and health education programme to the islands  of Flores and Nusa Penida.

We look forward to working with all sponsors in the future, should there be another privileged opportunity for Bali Pink Ribbon.  

Once again thank you for your generous and caring support,  which we appreciate so much.

For interested sponsors or volunteers please contact us at


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