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Free Breast Screen Roadshow to Gerokgak, North Bali

On 28 March 2015, Bali Pink Ribbon Foundation team, invited by Atlas Pearls & Perfume, travelled to Gerokgak, North Bali to give a free breast screen to women of local community. These women are employees of Atlas Pearls & Perfume, Hatten Wines, Puri Ganesha Bungalow, Arjuna Homestay and Benih Kasih Orphanage.
Bali Pink Ribbon partnered with doctors and nurses from Prima Medika Hospital (Bali), Fem Clinic (Singapore) and Atlas Pearls & Perfume’s clinic in this road show. Five volunteer doctors and 7 nurses came down to help the day and do what they’re best at.
The day kicked off with a seminar on breast cancer awareness delivered by dr. Putu Dian Ekawati, MPH from Prima Medika Hospital. The seminar and screen was done at Atlas Pearls & Perfume’s site with 120 local women attended the event. The seminar aimed to educate the women about breast cancer and the importance of doing the self check as the earliest detection.
The seminar was followed with the breast screen where the medical team performed the manual breast screen and USG to all the 120 women. The day started at 9 am and ended at 12 noon.
We would like to thank Atlas Pearls & Perfume for the invitation and the medical team from Prima Medika Hospital, Fem Clinic and Atlas Pearls & Perfume Clinic for the hard work and great heart !
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