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Welcome to the 1st edition of Bali Pink Ribbon Newsletter for 2018

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Bali Pink Ribbon

Welcome to the 5th edition of Bali Pink Ribbon Newsletter for 2018!

We recently completed our 10th annual Bali Pink Ribbon 5KM Run & Fun Walk 20th October at Peninsula Island ITDC Nusa Dua Complex. It was a great success joined by more than 600 runners.

We dedicate this newsletter to acknowledge all those who have supported and joined our event:
– Spotty Dotty ladies from Darwin
– Pink Tea Committee Ladies from Tembagapura
– dr Felicia Tan and team of doctors from FeM Surgery Singapore
– dr Tjok and team of doctors from Prima Medika Hospital, our medical partner
– Our colleagues from LovePink Jakarta, CISC, and YKPI
– Honorable British and Australian Consulates
– Lesley Murphy and her colleagues from USA

Thank you also to all of our amazing sponsors! Your support has been vital to the success of our event. Follow our social media or contact us on for images during event.

Keep healthy and happy.

Previously funds from sponsors are used for:
1. Establishment of Bali’s only breast cancer support center in 2013
2. Emergency treatment for underprivileged patients that have no government health insurance (BPJS)
3. Purchase of own mobile USG unit (2015) for free screening seminars and roadshows around the island, donated by Freeport Mining Pink Tea Ladies
4. Bali Pink Ribbon’s (BPR) cancer education campaign throughout the island and some outer islands. In 2018, Indonesian Ministry of Health in Jakarta named Bali as having the best breast awareness education in Indonesia.

For 2018, funds will be used to purchase a second mobile USG unit, donated by Freeport Mining Pink Tea Ladies and Spotty Dotty from Darwin, Australia

For 2019 onwards, eventual establishment of BPR’s own breast cancer patient hostel with green space in Denpasar

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